Event Information


Pre-Event Information

HSR Rules & Procedures:
Please take a moment to review the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  The SOP reviews the details on the flagging rules and procedures, incident procedures, safety equipment rules, technical inspection rules, and many other details.  Most questions can be answered by reviewing the SOP.

If you are a current HSR member, please be sure to have your HSR license with you when checking in a Registration.  HSR recognizes all VMC member licenses as a non-member.  If you do not hold a VMC recognized license, you need to contact Sara Councilor (sara@hsrrace.com) to ensure the proper license is on file for the event.

Transponders are required for all entrant race cars.  The transponder number must be recorded on the entry form, or submitted prior to the event.  A limited number of rental transponders are also available through our T&S Chief, Janet Harhay.  Please have the Transponder Rental Form filled out prior to renting your unit for the event weekend.

Track Information:

Track Map

Golf Cart Rental

Fluid Recycling Locations – Recycling location is located next to the Golf Course Maintenance building.  Which is located next to the tunnel access entrance.

Shipping Information

Savannah Speed Classic
1 Resort Drive
Savannah, GA 31421
Attn: (Team Name)

Pet Information – Pets are NOT allowed at the Grand Prize of America.

Event Details:

Schedule:  Please see the event page for the final race schedule.  You will also be sent the final race schedule in the competitor packet via email prior to the start of the event.

Registration:  Registration will be located inside the Golf Club offices.  Registration hours are available on the official race schedule.

Rig Parking:  Rig parking will begin on Wednesday at 12:00 pm for big rigs/18 wheelers; 1:30 pm for all small rigs/pull behind trailers.  We will have paddock marshals to guide you to your parking location.  Please be sure to fill out and turn in the Paddock Requirement Sheet attached to the event entry form.

Gate Hours:  The Paddock will close at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, October 25th.  The paddock will reopen at 7:00 am Thursday morning to allow for any competitors to park before Test Day begins.  Once the track goes hot, we will have Gate Opening hours to allow for competitors to enter the paddock.  If you are arriving in a street vehicle with no trailer attached the tunnel access will be available for you to access the paddock while the track is hot.  A paddock parking pass is REQUIRED in order to gain access to the paddock. You will need to check in with Registration during operating hours to ensure you have the proper credential.

RV, Toter, Camping:  Overnight camping is allowed in the paddock.

Electrical/Water Hook Ups:  Electrical/Water Hook ups are limited, you need to request and pay the hook up fee in order to guarantee hook up availability.  You will be given a electrical cord band to indicate that you have paid the hook up fee, this band must remain on your electrical line at the box at all times.

Fuel:  Sunoco Fuels will be available for purchase beginning Thursday, October 26th at 8:00 am.

Event Party:  Once again we will be co-hosting the Pace Lap Party in Ellis Square.  We will be selecting a small group of cars to drive over into the square.  You will receive your invitation on Thursday during Test Day, if you are selected and not able to take your car to the square please let us know so that we can extend the invitation to another competitor.