2021 ELVF


Be sure to join HSR as guests of VSCDA at the 33th edition of the Road America event, September 17-19.  All HSR competitors are welcome with Cup races and an Enduro option for most HSR groups.

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HSR Groups into VSCDA Groups:

Breakdown of HSR Groups and how they will fit into VSCDA Groups:
HSR Group 2
Classes VP1 to VP7, S5 and S6; VSCDA Group 2
Classes VM1 to VM4, VSR3 and VSR4; VSCDA Group 3
Class SSD; VSCDA Group 8

HSR Group 3
Classes HP5 and S2; VSCDA Group 6

Classes HP6 to HP8, S3, S4, and STC; VSCDA Group 8
Classes VSR1, VSR2 and MSR3; VSCDA Group 3

HSR Group 4
Classes VF1 to VF6; VSCDA Group 4
Classes HF1 to HF4; VSCDA Group 7
Classes MF1 to MF5; VSCDA Group 7

HSR Group 5
Classes HP1 to HP4, HTA, S1, MP1, MP2; VSCDA Group 6
Classes GTU, SSAA, SSA, and STB; VSCDA Group 9
Classes VASR and VBSR; VSCDA Group 3

HSR Group 6
Classes LMP1, LMP2, WSC, DP2, GTP & GTPL; VSCDA Group 9

HSR Group 7
All Classes; VSCDA Group 5

HSR Group 8
All Classes; VSCDA Group 9

HSR Group 9
All Classes; VSDCA Group 9

HSR Group 10
All Classes; VSCDA Group 9

HSR Group 11
All Classes; VSCDA Group 7