HSR Rules and Regulations

Direct questions about eligibility, specifications, etc. to:
HSR Technical Director, Jack Woehrle, 803-463-5388, jack@hsrrace.com

HSR General Code and Regulations define the HSR policies concerning eligibility and the basic requirements that apply to all cars considered for race entry. Included are: Policy, Vehicle Eligibility, Driver Safety Requirements, Race Car Safety Equipment and Preparation Standards.
HSR Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) defines and explains the conditions and policies concerning activities on the racetrack and in the paddock.
HSR S.O.P. (updated 1/14/21)
HSR Race Group & Class Class List shows the various Race and Enduro classes. 
2023 Race-Enduro Classes  (updated 1/11/23) Note: Group 11 has been re-configured.
HSR Competition Notices will address any new issues that have arisen.  Below you will find all notices when they are issued.
Specialty Race Eligibility for the Sasco Sports International American Challenge, Stoner Car Care Global GT and Classic RS Cup inter-series.
2022 Specialty Races (updated 2/21/22)
2022 HSR Global GT Classes (updated 2/23/22)
HSR Street Stock Category Rules & Classes  Eligible cars will be distributed amongst the various race groups as appropriate. Almost any factory delivered street car may be accepted if prepared within the restrictions of this category. Listings are monitored yearly for competitiveness within their class and adjusted if appropriate.
HSR Tire Specifications lists the approved tires that are permitted for the various group, categories and models. This list will be updated on a regular basis depending on availability and suitability of new products. Please report to the TechnicalDirector if wish to use an unlisted tire that you feel is appropriate for your make/model/era of preparation.
2023 HSR Tire Specifications (updated 1/11/23)
HSR Group 4 ~ Formula Cars  Group 4 is segmented by era into a/b/c. These segments do not always run together. Cars are assigned to a class based on performance similarities and specifications. HSR follows the Monoposto Racing (MR) current rules and regulations.
HSR Group 8 ~ Stock Car Rules
2022 HSR Stock Car Rules   (updated 2/21/22)
HSR Supplemental Regulations define the required specifications for specific Makes & Models and Series requirements.
*NEW*  MAKES & MODELS ~ Specific specifications for each variation, as permitted by HSR. (See PDF documents at bottom of this page).
*NEW* HSR Make/Model Supplemental Regulations (Work in Progress!)
(BMC-6) Mini Cooper
(BMC-8) MG-T series
(BMC-9) Austin Healey 100/3000
(BMC-10) AH Sprite Specials
(BMW-1) 1500/1600/1800/2002
(ELV-1) Elva Courier
(FMC-2) Ford Falcon/Mercury Comet (use FMC-1 regulations, as appropriate)
(FMC-3) Ford Mustang Sedans (68-72)
(GIN-1) Ginetta G-4
(GM-1) Chevrolet Corvette, 1953-62 (C-1)
(GM-4) Chevrolet Camaro, 1967-72
(GM-5) Chevrolet Corvair  (updated Jan 2021)
(GM-6) Yenko Stinger  (updated Jan 2021)
(LOT-2) Lotus Elite
(LOT-3) Lotus Elan
(LOT-4) Lotus Europa
(POR-1) Porsche 356A (1300cc)
(POR-2) Porsche 356 (1500/1600cc)
(POR-9) Porsche 911 (2.2/2.4L)
(POR-12) Porsche 911SC (3.0/3.2L)
(POR-14) Porsche 924
(POR-15) Porsche 944
(SHB-1) Cobra 289  (new 2021)
(SHB-3) Shelby GT350
(TR-2) Triumph GT6
(TR-3) TR2/TR3/TR3A
(TR-4) TR4/TR4A
(TR-6) TR5/TR250/TR6
(TR-7) TR7
(TR-8) TR8